Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The relaunch of Guiding magazine

Girlguiding UK has relaunched it's members magazine as a quarterly publication, rather than monthly, and it's also now smaller - dare I say handbag size. Both these moves are yet more positive evidence of Girlguiding UK's continuing modernisation.

Why has the Girlguiding UK magazine changed?

Because the way rainbow, brownie and guide leaders communicate and need to be communicated with has changed. Whereas in the past information was disseminated through a channel of commissioners and leaders, now a Girlguiding UK leader can logon to a secure membership area and access information instantly. Like many other newspapers and magazines, Guiding magazine used to break news, but it doesn't do that now leaders can obtain and share information online. Guiding magazine has become a quarterly round-up of events, a glossy look back on what we've all been up to, and having just leafed through the first new look edition, I think it works really well.

So how has the way Girlguiding leaders communicate changed?

Well, Girlguiding is like any other organisation or company and so over recent years communication has moved from a top down system of information dissemination, to a much more open two-way conversation. Many local brownie, guide and rainbow groups now have websites. My own division Girlguiding Hove was quite late with this, we didn't set up our website until 2008. I now communicate with my young leaders (girls aged 14-18 years old) primarily using email and our Facebook page. None of them have taken to Twitter yet, I'll have to write my next post on my thoughts as to why.

Recommended Girlguiding UK Facebook pages

Girlguiding UK Twitter accounts

What do you think of the new look Guiding magazine? Are there any twitter or facebook pages relating to Girlguiding which you'd recommend? Please post your comments below.

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