Saturday, 6 March 2010

Stan Won't Dance - Babel

A couple of Fridays ago I went to see my father's Godson (does that make him my Godbrother)? dance. Or at least that's what I thought I was going to do. In actual fact, Hugh (Godson/Godbrother) is a member of a company called Stan Won't Dance and what they do is much more than dance. Stan Won't Dance is a company who produce "theatre pieces that fully intergrate movement, design, music and text." Their latest production is: Babel, which has been touring the UK since late January 2010.

I loved it. I enjoyed it so much I wondered whether this incredible performance was written with my enjoyment in mind? Specifically to resonate with me? Of course it wasn't. But if you see it you'll understand why I might have been mistaken for thinking that was the case. Babel is so good, so relevant, so relatable, and rather amazingly it seems to be all those things to all people. My parents in their sixties loved it, a huge groups of teenage girls infront of me also loved it.

Using incredibly clever speech and movement Stan Won't Dance tackled everything from the horrors of the war in Afghanistan, the audience sat glassy eyed as the performers read out the names of some of the young soldiers who have died, to our obsession with Facebook, Strictly Come Dancing and brands like L'oreal: ("Because we're worth it"... "of course we're worth a f*cking shampoo")!

There is nothing I hate more than reading a review for something I can't go to see anymore.. and I've just gone and done exactly that! Sorry, Babel has finished now... Though Hugh tells me it might be back at Christmas. I hope so because I really want you to go, you'll love it.

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