Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sugar'd Babes, shoul'd it matter?

This afternoon I co-hosted Girlguiding Sussex East's Thinking Day Centenary celebrations at the Brighton Centre. Four thousand girls sang and danced their hearts out in a spectacular show with everything from belly dancing and salsa to African drumming and singing. The grand finale was a performance by the Sugar Babes tribute band: The Sugar'd Babes. When they sang "Here Come The Girls" the rainbows, brownies and guides went nuts! And many of the younger girls thought they were watching, screaming at and singing along to the real Sugar Babes. At the end of the show I heard one brownie ask her leader: "Brown Owl, are they the real Sugar Babes?"
"Does it matter?" the kind voice said back.
And it got me thinking...

Does it matter whether we just watched the Sugar'd Babes or the Sugar Babes? The Sugar'd Babes were excellent, they sang and danced just like the real thing. And when the real thing have had so many different incarnations that the current band contains no-one from the original line up, what's the different between the two?

Both are singing songs made famous by someone else?
Both are dancing to songs originally performed by someone else?

I think Brown Owl might be right... in my experience they often are.

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Were you at the centenary celebrations at the Brighton Centre? What did you think?

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