Sunday, 11 April 2010

Tesco, policing the country!

My Dad lost his car keys, they dropped out of his bag somewhere along a country walk in Sussex. Why my Dad keeps losing things may need to form the basis of a blog post in it's own right. But that's not the discussion topic of choice today. Today's topic of choice is: Tesco. Why Tesco? Because it is thanks to Tesco that my Dad will shortly be reunited with his missing car keys.

Earlier today I took a call from a lovely lady called Sharon at Tesco in Leatherhead enquiring whether she could speak to my pa. I explained he wasn't around and she explained that she was now in possesion of a set of car and house keys belonging to my Dad. Someone had been out walking in the countryside and found them, and then... they'd handed them in to Tesco.

I was confused? (it doesn't take much!) Why would someone hand a set of keys into a supermarket? Ah but this isn't just any supermarket, this is Tesco, home of the Tesco clubcard, home of the Tesco clubcard keyring. It must have been my Mum many moons ago who attached the clubcard keyring, I really can't think my Dad would have done it himself, do men care about keyrings or club cards?

Thanks to this little piece of plastic, Tesco were able to use their super computer to track down my Dad. The clubcard, occasionally criticised for it's ability to "big brother" your weekly shop, has come good. And of course you're much more likely to find an open Tesco than a police station. Oh and what would the police do if you handed them a set of car keys anyway? They don't have access to the sort of information Tesco do because that would be against our civil rights!

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