Friday, 28 May 2010

ipad - jump onboard!

Around two months ago a friend of mine became one of the first people in the UK to get his hands on ipad (he's what marketers call an early adopter!) I was introduced to the ipad in a Chinese restaurant and it caused quite a stir, customers gathered round, then waiters, then finally chefs were called to come out of the kitchen.

So today when the rest of the country could finally get their hands on an ipad, and it's arrival in the UK inevitably became a topic of conversation in the office, I was keen to share my thoughts. I had barely started my positive review when I was set upon by my colleagues. I was mocked for my enthusiasm and accused of "jumping on the bandwagon" and "believing the marketing hype" (from the marketing manager). But, I protested, I have seen one, I have played with one and I want one. It's not hype, it's me making an informed assessment of the ipad and concluding it is marvellous. Surely it's okay to jump on a bandwagon, if you've seen the circus band perform and you like what you see?

A few years ago I was bought an ipod touch and I am not ashamed to say it changed my life. I commute for over an hour by train every morning and suddenly I had a whole world open to me. Thanks to my ipod touch I am able to watch films and tv shows (I watched The Wire in it's entirety over the course of a very happy few months on the train), I can drown out the coughing in the winter and the sneezing in the summer with a huge array of podcasts, I can even download an app and learn a foreign language (clearly I haven't, but that's not the point, I could if I wanted to).

I believe the ipad will change your life... and I'm not ashamed to say that either. Remember those heavy school bags filled with books? Remember books? Okay, we're a fair way off the death of books at the moment (and maybe some of us will always like to hold a book, do you remember when you used to say that about CDs). But once you've read (or should that be watched and listened to) a book or a magazine on the ipad I hope you'll see why I'm predict a future full of school kids with light bags and ipads.

I'm not saying the ipad is the answer, it's just the beginning. But what an exciting beginning. Don't mock something until you've tried it. When something new comes along make sure you experience it, get to know and understand what it does, and then make an informed decision about whether to "jump on the bandwagon" or not.

And remember colleagues when I told you about Spotify you all said in unison: "what's the point of that", and although you've not admitted you were wrong and I was right, I know what you're listening to right now!

So, if you've jumped on the bandwagon and bought an ipad, below are a few of my favourite apps:
The Elements - what a shame this didn't exist when I was studying struggling with A level Chemistry
Marvel Comics - calling all fans of graphic novels (that's what adults call comics don't you know), let the ipad take you through your comic graphic novel, you can even zoom in when you get to a good bit!
Air Hockey - Just like playing the real thing in the arcades in Cleethorpes in 1988, except better because you're not in Cleethorpes.