Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wanted: A Panacea

The more I learn about online: about search engine optimisation, about social media, about web design, the more apparent it is that there is no one answer and no quick win.

This was one of themes running through Brighton SEO, which I attended a fortnight ago. Two speakers in particular: Annabel Hodges and Rishi Lakhani both talked about the importance of an integrated strategy which doesn't just involve "traditional Search Engine Optimisation."

Annabel Hodges's presentation: when is an SEO campaign, not an SEO campaign?  And Rishi Lakhani, Search Marketing Consultant: Actually Making SEO Happen... both talked about the importance of a joined up strategy, which explores all the options and delivers a combined holistic approach.

For example: if your company wants to know how to sell more stuff online? There will be a wide variety of potential 'answers'

Improve our website?
Improve our Google rankings?
Increase repeat business?
Engage better with customers and potential customers?
More proactive PR?

Let's look at two of these potential solutions.

1. Improve our website

What exactly does this mean?
The design?
The use-ability?
The content?
The optimisation?
All of the above?
Something else?

2. Engage better with customers and potential customers?

Investing in customer service?
All of the above?
Something else?

So who might deliver these solutions?

What can be done in-house?
What expertise do we have?
And just because we can do it, should we do it? Is it the best use of our time?
Who can help us?
What do we need to learn? And how?
Who can we partner with?
Who are the experts? And of course I'm talking about experts, not one expert!

Often we look for a panacea, a quick win, an easy solution... But there isn't one. It is more complicated than that. Which explains why it was standing (or sitting cross legged on the floor) room only at Brighton SEO. Over 100 people from Brighton (and around and about), all able to make a living because there isn't a quick easy solution.

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