Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Updating your company's website

In the past two days, two people have suggested two new pieces of content for our corporate website. One asked for a 'sign up to our newsletter' button. The other wanted a new page to publicise our events. I was able to add both to the website on the day I was asked. I won't say 'quickly and easily' because if you've ever used our content management system you'll know that's a lie. But I added this new content and functionality to the website on the day I was asked and emailed round the team to let them know.

Can you do that with your company website? I don't mean can you personally update it, but do you as an organisation have the ability to update your own website? Is there someone you can ask to add a quick button or page, to update some information, to upload a new image?

I ask because I've been shocked by how many company's don't have that ability. From enormous FTSE 100 companies through to one-man-in-his-garage, we work with a huge spectrum of clients, and so many of them can't make a quick change to their own website.

I have heard it all:
  • The are only four times a year when we can request changes to our website content.
  • Our IT team are based in France/South Africa/India (delete as appropriate) and are super busy/ not very responsive/ take a minimum of 2 weeks to do anything.
  • Our website was originally set up by a company who have gone into liquidation, so we're currently unsure what is going to happen.
But are your customers/members going to understand? Will they think:
 "I can't find what I'm looking for, but perhaps they're only able to update their website four times a year. I'll come back in three months time."

"I heard they were hosting an event, but I can't find anything about it on their website, I'll give them a call and check."

No of course not.

People often compare a website to a shop window. What use is a shop window where you can't change what's on display? If you don't have control of your website content, if you're not able to move quickly and make changes, then how can you expect to have any control on the results?

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