Monday, 14 February 2011

Digital content events in 2011

My goodness there are a lot of events, exhibitions, talks, breakfast briefings, seminars, workshops, trainings, round-tables, conferences, panel discussions and webinars if you work in/on/with digital content.

The invites mount a near daily assault on the email inbox. But how do you know which are worth attending and which are a waste of time? Should you go to free ones, because they're free? Which paid-for events should you make the business case for? And can you spare the time out of the office?

The main thing I try to measure is relevance. How relevant is this event to me and my job?

  • Will I learn something useful?
  • Will it help me perform better?
  • Will I meet someone who can help my business or further my career?

The problem is, it's often impossible to be sure beforehand, and getting it wrong can be a costly waste of time.

This year I'll be attending the following (so far?!):

SES London - because...
  • I scoped it out last year and ascertained it is attended by lots of interesting people
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a subject I'm passionate about
  • And from the programme it looks like there are quite a few relevant seminars.
Internet World - because...

The company I work for will be exhibiting there, so it'll be a three line whip! We exhibited last year for the first time and found it a really positive experience with lots of lovely ROI to justify doing it again.

Brighton SEO - because...

I've been before and I liked it.
  • It's free
  • it's friendly
  • and it makes you fink!
Publishing Expo - because...

I've never been before but I've identified one seminar I want to go to: Search The Driver For New Content Models. It's only a 40 minutes long and Earls Court 2 isn't far from the office, so it's not going to be a huge waste of time if it's not up to much.

I'm sure I'll attend more than these four events, I signed up for an AOP today, but these are the four big ones I'll be going to.  So... once I've been to each of these, I'll make sure I let you know my thoughts: marks out of ten for the peppermint tea; the cleanliness of the toilets and other important factors. Then maybe I'll be able to help you make a more informed decision about which digital content events you attend in 2012!


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