Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Developing A Content Strategy, Internet World

On Wednesday 11th May 2011, I gave a presentation entitled: developing a content strategy, at Internet World.  It is always difficult to know where to pitch a presentation to a large group of random people.  Afterwards a few people asked for my slides.  So I thought I'd attempt to summarise my presentation into a blog post for those who are interested.

The most important thing when first starting to develop a content strategy is: what is your overall business goal?  Your content strategy needs to be integrated with your marketing, sales and customer service strategy – you need a holistic approach.

As well as ensuring your content strategy is integrated into your overall business strategy, there are some other considerations.

9 key things to consider when developing a content strategy
  1. Audience: Do you have a particular type of client/customer with a particular knowledge or expertise level.  What is their motivation?
  2. Competitors: Analyse what they’re doing.
  3. Exclusions: Any particular subjects to steer clear of?  Are there particular guidelines you need to adhere to? For example, FSA regulated.  Or any companies you don’t want to mention.
  4. Keywords: It is good to know what your clients are searching for. There are a number of tools you can use: Google wonderwheel, Google Insights and Google Trends.
  5. Analytics/KPIs: You’d be amazed how few companies measure their analytics or set out clear KPIs before they start an online project. But if you don't know what success looks like, how will know when you get there?
  6. Tone/Style: Do you have a house style? Do you need to create one?
  7. Social Media: Where is your audience engaging? You must include social media within your content strategy.  It is important to understand where your audience are and why you’re engaging with them.
  8. IT: What are the technical limitations, what can you do and can’t you do with your CMS?
  9. Workflow Who is actually going to produce the content? One option is to make content production part of peoples job descriptions, so you don’t hire someone who’s job it is to produce content, but you actually work it into everyone’s KPIs.

So what about the different types of content?

Deciding what content to produce comes after all the other considerations. You can only decide what you want to create once you know who it’s aimed at. Just because you can produce a certain type of content doesn’t mean you should. Start small, measure it, when you see successes expand. Don’t start something you can’t maintain.

So in summary: You need to develop a content strategy which is integrated into your overall business strategy and you have your 9 things to consider while doing this.  My final advice would be to give it go! Start small and measurable, but you won’t know what you and your team are capable and what the benefits might be unless you try.

I also gave some recommended reading around content strategy, I'll turn that into another blog post when I have slightly more time.


  1. Thanks for posting a summary of your presentation. Looking forward to your post on your recommended reading as I didn't get notes on them all.

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  2. Here is the recommended reading: http://contentprincess.blogspot.com/2011/05/content-strategy-recommended-reading.html

  3. Feel I should point out that the Claire who requested my recommended reading above is another Claire, not me... cos that would just be weird?!

  4. Thank you Claire from the other Claire :-)

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