Sunday, 24 July 2011

How much content is the right amount?

I met with some clients who are looking to create a content strategy.  They've done what so many brands do: spent some money creating content, seen some success and are now wondering what to do next. They're asking questions like:
  • What should their strategy be going forward?
  • What about social media?
  • And video content?
Often clients will use a limited amount of content to prove the concept, once they've done that and seen results: perhaps an increase in traffic, longer dwell time, moving up the SERPs, or something as unmeasurable as a positive comment from the CEO?!

So what do they do once they've recognised the value and want more content?  In the case of this particular client they looked to their search engine optimisation agency first, as many brands do.  If you're looking for the SEO benefits from content, then getting advice from your search marketing/optimisation agency is a good place to start.

I work with a lot of excellent SEO agencies who employ some incredibly knowledgeable and talented individuals and I do not want to criticise their often great work and advice.  However, I was prompted to write this post because I was surprised to hear this particular SEO agency had recommended ten videos a week.  Why ten?  Why not 9 or eleven?  Content isn't about volume, it's about relevancy and quality.  1 great video is worth much more than ten rubbish ones. 

So when you're considering content strategy and what to do next, don't think about numbers.  Don't start with a certain number of articles, features, info graphics, videos, blogs posts, advertorials etc. per week.  Think relevance and quality first.

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