Tuesday, 30 August 2011

17 nuggets of content strategy advice

I added my most recent blog post, on how I would sum up my content strategy advice in one sentence, to the LinkedIn content strategy group and was delighted and surprised to see lots of members offering up their own sentence of advice. 

There were lots of interesting thoughts, so I thought I'd collate them all here for your delictation:

  1. "Think of content as a recorded conversation between the reader and creator" Brandon Quan.
  2. "Effective content strategy enables the reader to follow his or her own path through the information in a way that's comfortable, interesting and satisfying while also serving the communication goals of the host site" Scott Corrigan.
  3. "Good content makes sense to the first-time user" Tessa Copland.
  4. "Content marketing is having the ability and understanding to provide valuable customer enriching information on a consistent basis knowing this creates a nurturing and brand building foundation between you and your prospects and customers" Jeff Harrison.
  5. "Without governance, you're sunk" or "it's all about the metadata" Rahel Anne Bailie.
  6. "Creating and managing content in a way that doesn't piss anyone off (clients, audiences, stakeholders, creators)" Andrew Nhem
  7. "CONTEXT >>> PAGE >>> TASK >>> CUSTOMER, that's how content should make sense" Eric Beteille.
  8. "Listen, man. The streets are clamoring" Edwin Tam.
  9. "A variation of the Golden Rule: what do I, as a customer, want to read?" Kok Hong Poh.
  10. "Content strategy is about making your content matter... to everyone who uses it and to everyone who is involved in producing it" Pamela Kostur.
  11. "Spending your money and using your resources to produce conent that meets your goal in the most efficient and effective way possible" Scott Abel.
  12. "How about a question? If your content can't be found does it exist?" Seamus Walsh.
  13. "Content basics are who, what, when, and where BUT provide or give access to context, without it content loses meaning and value" Neal Burns.
  14. "Know you audience" Claire O'Rourke.
  15. Said the Content Strategist to the Director at the first meeting: "Tell me how your public feels about your products and how you know that, and there we will see what your content needs are" Jenifer L Johnson.
  16. "Creating and managing content so that those who care can mutually embrace it" Andrew Nhem.
  17. "Develop effective information that can be resused and repurposed across multiple platforms" William Huscher.
Anymore for anymore?  Let me know your suggestions below:


  1. I can't see the point of this. There is no conceivable benefit to be gained from labelling a massive, complex and subtle area of knowledge with a single sentence.

    People who say: "Tell me what's so great about Shakespeare/opera/high-energy physics/poetry/content strategy in one sentence" are probably do not have the intellectual tools to engage with those subjects.

  2. Au contraire, madame o monsieur anonyme!

    It is precisely an exercise like this that works the mind. To sculpt a fine and perfect phrase with few words takes the time and talent of a gifted craftsman. The art is to convey meaning in its purist form; the exercise is to unclutter the mind and find the essence among the fragments and verb.

    A truly high form of art. Try it, you might enjoy it!

    Jenifer L. Johnson

  3. Context, context, context; the right information for the right people at the right time & place..