Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Can You Sum Up Your Content Strategy Advice In One Sentence?

Yesterday in a meeting I was asked by a prospective client, to sum up my content strategy advice in one sentence. So I said: "Align your content strategy to your overall business strategy."

It's something you'll have heard me say before. It formed a key part of my presentation at Internet World on developing a content strategy. I am pretty passion about it, and here is why...

Why is it important to align your content strategy to your overall business strategy?

  1. Creating content for the sake of creating content is pointless.  Content needs context.  A content strategy developed within the context of your overall business strategy will ensure your content has the context it needs to be relevant and engaging.
  2. If you don't know what success looks like, how will you know whether you have been successful or not?  If as a company you are trying to achieve particular goals, you can use content to get there.  Whether your company wants to be seen as: the tech and gadget experts, thought leaders in the sub-prime space, or the place to come for health advice, you can produce content to introduce or reinforce a vision.
  3. When you create content in an isolated bubble you risk that content being squirrelled away out of sight on your website and you risk the content creators or content strategy team being marginalised.  If you create content that is aligned to your overall business strategy then, assuming everyone has bought into the company strategy, they can also understand and support the content strategy too.
What if you don't have an overall business strategy?

It's not unusual to come across a company without a clear overall business strategy.  If you work for a company which doesn't have a vision, then developing an effective content strategy may be harder, and you may actually need to suggest forming a team to develop a business strategy, before you can develop the content strategy!  

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