Sunday, 18 September 2011

Content Marketing Tips For B2B Marketers

"What do you think of the event so far?" I ask one of my colleagues, while scoffing free biscuits, in the break of B2B Marketing's Content Marketing event.

"It's sh*t" he responds, and leaves in search of nicotine.

Following a fag and some reflection he changes his mind, it's not sh*t, he's just frustrated and disappointed.  Why does an event like this need to take place at all.  Doesn't everybody already know that content is king?  Why isn't everyone already doing content marketing?  Why do we need an event extolling it's virtues, aren't we all already convinced?  Not if the audience response to the question: "who has a content strategy?" is anything to by; in a room of 40 (ish) people only 2 put up their hand.

But hold on, if you already have a content strategy and are a paid up member of the content marketing party, you probably wouldn't feel the need to attend this particular event.  I don't think the audience was reflective of the wider marketing world, I suspect the most brilliant content marketers were probably back at the office, just getting on with it.

I got the impression that this particular event was an opportunity for B2B marketing folk to gather ammunition, in the form of expert opinion and case studies, to 'sell' the need for content marketing to senior management.

What were the key learns from the event?  Other than, ensure your colleague is fully topped up with nicotine before you ask him a question?!

Content strategy tips from the B2B Content Marketing event:

  • Don’t start with “what does your product do?”
  • Ask yourself: “What is the goal of your content at each of the stages of the sales cycle?”
  • Put your customer at the centre of your content strategy.
  • 7 step content creation process -->
  1.  Identify persona's of the audience
  2. Questions (that clients might ask)
  3.  Answers (that clients are looking for)
  4. Audit
  5. Map
  6. Identify
  7. Create
  • Think about the rule of 5: 5 different versions of content and/or 5 different ways of distributing that content.
  • 9/10 buyers say when they're ready to buy, they'll find you.
  • Content in general is measured very badly.  Content marketing is not a quick win.
  • Starting point = audience
  • Be a practical advisor
  • Don't spray and pray
  • Utilise your brands experts
  • Don't underestimate the value of peer communication