Sunday, 8 January 2012

Missing In Action

I've not written this blog for a while, so I was going to introduce this post with an apology for having been missing in action for the past 3 months. But that assumes that someone, anyone, has actually been reading this, or cares?!
Anyway - the reason I've not written is my new job. And here are some things 
that happen to you when you get a new job:
  • You can no longer take basic things for granted, like: the location of the toilets or how to use the email system
  • You attend meetings and don't have the first clue what anyone is talking about. The whole company is speaking another language full of TLIs (three letter initialisations)
  • You wonder whether you'll ever fit-in, make friends, understand what you're supposed to be doing?! And you feel so exhausted and overwhelmed that you don't have time for blog posts
So, as part of my quest to fit-in and function in my new role, I've neglected (read completely ignored) my blog. It has occurred to me, that I have been doing a lot these past few months and I should share some of it with you. The bits I can share with you...

I have been:

So this is me, back in the world of blogging... perhaps not the most inspired post... sorry about that, I'm a bit rusty!

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