Friday, 18 May 2012

How Eloqua Uses Content & Automation to Advance the Buyer's Journey

How to use content to advance the buyer's journey, is something I've been thinking about a lot recently. So it was fortuitous timing that I was invited to hear Elle Woulfe, Senior Marketing Programs Manager at Elquoa, talk about that very subject.

She gave an excellent presentation on how Elquoa uses content and how they score and nurture through the funnel.

The concept of nurturing potential clients is a relatively new one to me. No that's a lie, the concept is not new to me at all... I've been doing it for years, I just didn't have a name for it until recently.

For the less keen, I took some notes, which now follow...

Elle talked about the need to understand whether someone is just interested in the content? Or whether there is any buying intent.

She explained the Eloqua funnel:
  • Suspect: everyone in your target market
  • Prospect: anyone who has taken an action
  • Lead: right person (in terms of action and fit)
  • Opportunity: ready person (fit and need)


These aren't just people who might buy your product, but also everyone who may consume or share your content. Elle said: "We market to marketers, so we need to be interesting" - that really struck a cord with me.

Suspects want to know what you know, not what you sell.


A Prospect has actually supplied personal information. They want content that relates to their professional interests. Often at this stage the best content assuages fears.


A prospect that fits behaviour, interest, intent, as determined by sales and marketing. This is content that addresses the business pain. Leads ask: "how is your product going to solve my problem?"


Looking for content that helps them make the right buying decision, such as ROI calendars or pricing sheets.

So keeping these particular stages of the funnel in mind, you can then create content which helps to "nurture" people through the stages, until they reach the ultimate goal: closed won!

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